A sustainable future

With sustainability playing an increasingly important role in work practices, Mirvac strives to set the standard by creating spaces with a reduced impact on the environment.

Across our portfolio Mirvac continues to design and build smarter to achieve sustainability benchmarks, reducing building waste, the use of potable water and creating more energy efficient buildings. In our office and industrial portfolio we have already made a significant and measurable difference through innovation, education and implementation.

We are equally committed to a sustainable future for our workforce having established the Be Safe For Life program, promoting safety on construction sites and a workplace that offers equal opportunity and is free from harm.

Our commitment to the communities in which we operate is absolute, and it remains our firm policy to make a lasting positive contribution.

Mirvac recognises that acting in a sustainable manner creates new opportunities, enhances investor value and improves social and environmental returns. We have set ourselves an ambitious Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability program but each day proves our goals are attainable.

Find out more about our Sustainability Policy.

Mirvac's plan for a sustainable future, This Changes Everything. This video outlines Mirvac's new sustainability strategy launched in January 2014.